Summer Workout Tips -10 Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer workout tips can be hard to find. Most of us prefer to stay inside when its hot. But working out when its hot can feel really good, especially if you have the circulation of a senior citizen smoker like me even though I’m 30 and don’t smoke. I’m always cold so I love to go out in the sun and bake myself for a while.

In case you misread the title, I don’t mean working out when YOU’RE hot. That’s a different but equally interesting subject but I have no summer workout tips for being fine yet. In my neighborhood today its expected to hit 109 degrees. Are you freakin kidding me?

Summer workout tips

So, I thought it would be a good time to talk about what to do when its hot, and give some summer workout tips for the rest of us. How do you work out, what can you do and how do you live through the experience.

Avoiding Death

Before we get into this years summer workout tips, lets talk about what the risks are with working out in a very hot environment (via USA Today):

  • Heat cramps: Exercising in hot weather can lead to muscle cramps, especially in the legs, because of brief imbalances in body salts. Cramps become less frequent as a person becomes used to the heat
  • Heat syncope or fainting: Anyone not used to exercising in the heat can experience a quick drop in blood pressure that can lead to fainting. As with heat cramps, the cure is to take it easy.
  • Heat exhaustion: Losing fluid and salt through perspiration or replacing them in an imbalanced way can lead to dizziness and weakness. Body temperature might rise, but not above 102 degrees. In some cases victims, especially the elderly, should be hospitalized. Heat exhaustion is more likely after a few days of a heat wave than when one is just beginning. The best defense is to take it easy and drink plenty of water. Don’t take salt tablets without consulting a physician.
  • Heatstroke: In some cases extreme heat can upset the body’s thermostat, causing body temperature to rise to 105 degrees or higher. Symptoms are lethargy, confusion and unconsciousness. Even a suspicion that someone might be suffering from heatstroke requires immediate medical aid. Heatstroke can kill.

Summer Workout Tips

  1. Get out of the heat! – This is probably one of the best summer workout tips, even if its hot outside, there are tons of places that are cooled and you can go to work out. Places like the gym, walking in the mall etc.
  2. Start Early – If its going to be a hot day, try to plan your workout to be earlier or later in the day.
  3. Low impact – Think about toning down your workout if its hot out. What are some low impact things you can do to still get some calorie burn in without risking your health? How about some yard work, or doing some sports in the park. The trade off you’ll make in calories burned is small compared to the benefit of not pushing your body harder than you need to.
  4. Wear light clothes – Make sure your clothes are breathable and keep your skin cool. If you create a sauna between yourself and your clothes, there is no where for the heat to escape and no way for your skin to breathe. This is a recipe for disaster and these summer workout tips won’t matter if you are knocking yourself out wearing a sweatsuit in July.
  5. Listen to your body – If you in ANY way, start to feel weak or woozy… STOP WORKING OUT and get inside. You will not win a medal for working out in a bad situation, no one will respect you more for dying of heatstroke.
  6. Hydrate – Carry water and be sure there are places where you are going to work out to get extra water as you are going. The rate that your body loses water during a hot workout goes up exponentially, so keep that in mind.
  7. Have a plan – Think about all these tips as you are planning out the place you are going to workout. Can you get to a cooler place quickly from the area you are going to workout? Does your location have water in an easy to reach place? Can you call for help if you need it? Can help get to you quickly and easily?
  8. Find shade – There should be shade in easy to reach places from where you plan on busting a move. Be sure to give yourself some breaks in the shade even if you don’t feel like you need it. Sometimes you can’t tell how tired you are until you sit down for a second.
  9. Protect your skin – SUNSCREENIT – I’m copyrighting that phrase. Use sunscreen and reapply it often, your skin will thank you and so will your partner when you don’t turn yourself into an alligator because you wanted to run in the daytime. A study that just came out showed that people who didn’t use sunscreen were 24% more likely to show signs of aging on their skin than people who did! SPF 15 at least and broad spectrum kthxbye.
  10. Set a time limit – Give yourself a reasonable time to be exposed to the heat, think about all the factors above and your own health.

I hope you enjoyed our Summer Workout Tips! Have fun in the sun, and be safe!


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