10 ways to wake up early to workout

10 easy ways to wake up early to workout


Trying to find ways to wake up early is pure hell

Anyone who has tried to do it knows this is true. My whole life I would be able to do it for a day maybe, but then I would give up and go back to being a night owl. Recently I’ve come up with some tricks that really work. Check them out below and let me know what you think. I’ve now been up at 5am every day for the past 2 months. 1.

  1. Wake up halfway to your goal the day before
  2. Plan to go to bed early

  3. Stop drinking caffeine 5 hours before bed
  4. Set your alarm, give yourself 8 hours of sleep

  5. Give yourself some time to wake up, in bed
  6. Stay away from bright screens 2 hours before bed

  7. Take a shower before bed
  8. Just worry about getting up the first day

  9. Tell yourself you are only getting up to eat (lie)
  10. Leave workout clothes where can find them easily

So, that’s it! Hope they work for you, see you in the morning.


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