Eating Correctly Again: Diet tips

eating correctly

The devastation of snacks gone wrong

I really hate the term “eating correctly” but I think its the easiest way to describe when you’re offtrack and need to get back on track with your intake. We’ve all been there…it starts out so innocent. What could one little pack of M&M’s hurt? Before you know it you are waist deep in a pile of snack bags trying to create a chex mix burrito that you will later market to Taco Bell. (I’ve already tried, don’t waste your time)

The question is, once you are off track, how do you get back on? How do you get your diet back to the place where you are eating correctly after spending a long time off track? Well there are two things to think about: Why are you here? How do you fix it? Once you answer those two questions, you can emerge from your snack cocoon and get back on the path to being healthy. Failing to answer these questions, keeps you on the snack rollercoaster. True, its a delicious ride, but the regret isn’t worth it.

How did you get here?

  1. What were you feeling when you started to fall off? This is usually a trigger. Its important to write down as much as you can in a little journal (I found these little guys at Target for $3.99).
  2. How did you feel when you ate?
  3. How are you feeling now that you are in it?

Eating correctly again

  1. Realize that you can stop at any minute. Your body doesn’t know when midnight is, you don’t have to finish out the day. You can decide this bite, is your last bite of unhealthy food. 
  2. Actively do something healthy. Stop reading this and get up and take a walk (Go ahead, I’ll wait).
  3. Drink some water
  4. Throw away the bad food. Remember this scene from Sex in the City when Miranda had to pour soap on her cake? Trust me, I’ve been there..


The most important thing to remember about all of this is… DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! There is no time limit on being healthy, and you will do it in your own time. Let it flow through you so you can get back on track tomorrow. I believe in you.


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