Weighing yourself – How to get an accurate weekly reading

weighing yourself

We all need this scale

Weighing yourself is always one of those weird things. About halfway through my weight loss journey, I realized that there were things affecting my weigh in. Things like, how much water had I drank the day before. How much I had eaten the day before, among other things. I knew at some point these extra mythical pounds were going to start annoying me and they did.

I came up with 5 things I do every week that I weigh in to help my weigh in stay as accurate as possible on my Friday weigh in day.

5 ways to make sure you are weighing yourself accurately!

  1. Keep your “cheat day” as far away from your weigh in day as possible. You don’t want your body retaining water or anything else during the time that you are weighing in.
  2. Eliminate! – If you have the opportunity to use the restroom, do it.
  3. I stop drinking water or eating at least 12 hours before the weigh in to make sure I have given my body a chance to reset itself.
  4. Weigh in at the same time every week, same time in the morning, same day in the week.
  5. Re-Calibrate my scale – I first noticed this about a year ago, my scale seems to remember its last weight for some reason and it likes to try to keep you at that weight if it thinks your new weight is “close enough”. This is a problem when it can be up to a pound difference. (it matters to me scale!)(that was my imaginary scale fight)

What do you do to make sure when you’re weighing in that the scale is accurate?





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