Weight loss shortcuts for real life

Finding the best weight loss shortcuts is a holy grail for some people. You see them at the office, in your family, with your friends. Those people who want to lose weight so badly but want to avoid the work that goes along with it so much that they are willing to put their bodies and their wallets through just about anything to get there. Generally these methods fall into three distinct categories:

  • Pills
  • Drinks/Teas
  • Non-sweaty workouts, often involving a lot of gyration
  • Questionable electronics

weight loss shortcuts


The bottom line for all of us is that weight loss is hard work. There is no pill or shortcut road we can take that will let us cheat physics. HOWEVER, all hope isn’t lost friend. There are some ways to shorten the time that you have to spend in the “loss” period of your journey. You could even call these tips a…shortcut

Weight loss shortcuts for the real world

  1. Minimize your time “cheating” – having cheat days or cheat meals are a good and healthy thing. They give us a break from being so rigid on ourselves all the time about the journey and just remind us to live life. We have to remember that these days also delay the finish line. Sometimes they can even cause us to lose an entire week. 
  2. Don’t spend too much time sulking from going offtrack – We all do it, but its important not to let a one day break turn into a 2 week binge. You can still recover from a binge of any size, but the longer you take to have a temper tantrum with yourself, the longer it takes to get back to where you were.
  3. Get advice – If you notice you are on a plateau, talk it over with a friend or a trainer or your doctor. Don’t let yourself languish.
  4. Get a Partner – Nothing helps time go by faster than having a friend with you to check in with and keep you on track.
  5. Weigh yourself, but only as often as its helpful – Weighing yourself regularly is a great wya to make sure you are monitoring yourself in the journey. Just don’t take it too far, your weight goes up and down all the time and for lots of reasons.



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